Celebrating with the Bradford Pot Hole Club

December 22, 2023

A Festive Party at The Wheatsheaf Ingleton

The Bradford Pot Hole Club recently hosted a festive party at The Wheatsheaf in Ingleton, bringing together 80 members for a night of celebration and camaraderie.

The Wheatsheaf in Ingleton provided the perfect venue for the Bradford Pot Hole Club's festive gathering. With its cozy interior and festive decorations, the pub created a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The party featured a mouthwatering feast prepared by the pub's talented chefs. From traditional favorites to delectable desserts, everyone enjoyed a delightful culinary experience. The well-stocked bar added to the festivities.

Live music set the stage for dancing and merriment. The attendees showcased their moves and created a lively atmosphere.

The festive party organised by the Bradford Pot Hole Club at The Wheatsheaf in Ingleton was a resounding success. With 80 members coming together, it was an evening filled with joy, good food, and celebration. The event showcased the strong sense of community within the club and left everyone with lasting memories.

To arrange your next festive gathering get in touch with the team at the Wheatsheaf. 015242 41275, info@thewheatsheaf-ingleton.co.uk

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